How to choose the size of a ring

When you are measuring up to buy a new ring, you should be aware that the temperature of your fingers is decisive (the warm swells and the cold shrinks), as well as the width of the ring influences the size you need (a concrete example, if you wear a size 58 for rings with a normal width of 2-5 mm, you have to calculate a larger size for larger rings, so size 60). Besides, if you have big knuckles (for example, arthritic fingers) you have to order a larger size, because the ring will be able to pass.

Finding your ring size:
There are several methods to measure the ring size. We recommend you to compare the results of both methods shown to have more security.
• Method 1 (diameter of the finger in mm):
Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your finger. If the perimeter is 58 mm, this corresponds to a 58 °
• Method 2 (in mm inner diameter x pi):
With calipers you can take your ring and measure the inner diameter in mm and multiply by pi. If the internal diameter measurement, for example, = 16 mm, this corresponds to a size ≈ 50.3 = 50 (16 mm x 3.14159 = dimension 50.3 ≈ 50).
Following are some examples that match the different diameters:

Inner diameter Dimensions
14,7 mm 46
15,3 mm 48
15,9 mm 50
16,6 mm 52
17,2 mm 54
17,8 mm 56
18,5 mm 58
19,1 mm 60
19,7 mm 62
20,4 mm 64
21,0 mm 66
21,6 mm 68
22,3 mm 70
22,9 mm 72


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