Tips for the care of jewelry

The jewelry must be treated gently and with care, in order to retain them as long as possible.

It is a good habit to remove them when you wash your hands, you take a bath, play sports, do the cleaning and when you go to sleep.
Put your jewelry in a box or in a jewelry bag when not in use, in this way they are better protected against scratches, blows of light and air.

All our silver jewelry is rhodium plated, in order to combat the natural oxidation process. However, it is important that the jewelry not come in contact with chlorine-containing products, for example the pool water or the cleaning products, as the risk of deterioration increases.
In general, the jewels are sensitive to beauty products, chemicals and acids, so it is better to avoid contact with hair sprays, perfumes, creams, detergents, etc. A good tip is to use these products without wearing jewelry (for example: at the end of the day).

Obviously you cannot avoid that the jewelry is wearing out over time, but you can polish them to get them back as new. You can polish with a soft cloth, or get them professionally cleaned with special machines. This is a service we provide at our shop in Limone sul Garda, come and visit us!

As for the gilded jewelry, these are less easy to clean. With repeated cleaning or with cleaning with brushes and similar, all golden surfaces will vanish. It also vanishes, but more slowly, during normal use. It is hard to say how quickly this happens, it all depends on how often you use the jewelry and the activities that take place while you are wearing them.
Our gildings are done very well and generally remain for a long time, but it is inevitable that over time the gilding will fade.
Again, however, what remains is a beautiful silver jewelry!
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